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Melbourne At NightMelbourne At NightMelbourne At Night

Melbourne At Night

The plan was to try and capture the sunset in Melbourne as part of Sunset Day but after a total “grey out” I decided not to waste the entire opportunity and capture what I could during the evening.

Cafe Blac – #foodpornCafe Blac – #foodpornCafe Blac – #foodporn

Cafe Blac – #foodporn

A food blogging meetup with a group from Melbourne Photography Workshops provided some great subject matter, awesome food and great discussion within the group and of course. A big thanks to Ashley from I’m so hungree for sharing her expertise.

Melbourne CityMelbourne CityMelbourne CityMelbourne CityMelbourne CityMelbourne CityMelbourne City

Melbourne City

After the food blogging photography meetup at Cafe Blac in the morning, I decided to head on into town and see what I could capture throughout the afternoon. A lazy day wandering around in the sun and capturing all sorts of moments and sights. Seems I always end up shooting laneways regardless of my intentions

Luna ParkLuna ParkLuna Park

Luna Park

Once upon a time there was a great idea to meet for a group shoot at Luna Park, when along came big bad Mr Weather and threw the night into chaos. We arrived at Luna park amidst torrential downpours and gale force winds, at which time the park keepers had decided to close early due

Jenolan CavesJenolan CavesJenolan CavesJenolan CavesJenolan CavesJenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves

The last day of my easter trip to NSW included a tour of the Jenolan Caves – unfortunately their phone systems had been down for a couple of days prior so we were unable to book tours of some of the caves I’d wanted to explore, but those we were able to access were still